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Marina Bair LMT

My passion of the human body began at Brigham Young University where I, first, discovered my love of dance.  While, pursuing that area of study, I was required to take Human Anatomy and Kinesiology.  I absolutely loved it!  The human body is amazing! I loved learning what each muscle does and how they work together to create movement.


After I received my BA Dance, I spent sometime working with a massage therapist.  He showed me the effects of massage on the body.  I was shocked by how different I felt!  I knew that this was something I had to do.  I graduated from Utah College of Massage Therapy and now strive to better the lives of those around me through massage.  I am armed with 16 years of movement experience and countless hours of bodywork experience.  I am constantly learning more of anything and everything that will help me be the therapist you need.  In my world, I strive to find the source of the problem and not just treat symptoms.  

Re-Imagine Massage

Whether you work at a desk all day or you are an athlete, you need this work.  There is so much pain that we deal with (whether realized or not) on a regular basis.  If you have headaches, shoulder pain, back and hip pain, carpel tunnel, sciatic pain, etc.  You need this work.  If you have any physical or emotional stress in your life...aka need this work.  If you don't have any stress whatsoever in your life, please tell me the secret!! :)


Just like you get maintenance done for your car, you need do get it done for your body.  Imagine how often you use your car, now think about how often you use your body.  Yeah, you use your body a lot more.  And just like how there are things you can do to maintain your car (like checking oils), there are a number of self help tips for your body that you can do.  If you don't know them, that's okay, I'll teach you.  I customize my massages for what your body needs.  Some sessions may be geared more towards relaxation and others more functional, it all depends on your needs.