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Studies have shown that:

  1. Healthy workers are nearly 3x more productive that unhealthy workers.¹

  2. Chronic diseases such as arthritis, musculoskeletal disease, depression and anxiety are considered preventable and are the major reasons for lost work time.²

  3. Health and wellness programs decrease

  • Sick leave absenteeism by 25.3%

  • Workers compensation costs by 40.7%

  • Disability management costs by 24.2%³

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Anxiety, depression, stress and pain can be debilitating and are among the major causes for sick days.  They also interfere with the efficiency of employees when they are at work.


So, how do we make happy employees? As an employer, you want employees that are more productive, while spending less on sick days? Answer, health and wellness programs.  They have been known to do this, of which, massage is an important element. 


With 10-20 minutes of month it can decrease stress, anxiety and depression.  It relieves muscle tension and pain.  It, also, plays an important part in preventing repetitive stress injuries like carpel tunnel and headaches.       

Corporate Massage


Long hours at a desk is very stressful on the body.  It does not take long before shoulders, neck and back begin to ache.  Without proper care these areas can become worse and lead to headaches, carpal tunnel, rotator cuff pain, low back pain, hip pain, sciatic pain and more.  All of this can occur just from a desk job!  That does not include everything outside of the job that causes stress emotional and/or physically.  Stress is very hard on the body.  It can decrease the efficiency of the immune system, causing more illness.  It can interfere with employees' normal sleeping patterns.  Stress can, also, play on their emotions, making them irritable and inflexible.  This is where massage comes into play.